Infrastructure and Community Services

Fundamentally, infrastructure assets exist to provide services to our communities. Managing our assets so that we can deliver those services is asset management.

Investing in our asset management efforts is a requirement to have sustainable,
resilient communities that will thrive now, and into the future.

Public infrastructure is the foundation for a healthy and vibrant community.

Many of our communities are faced with an aging and quickly deteriorating asset base but have limited revenues to rehabilitate or replace those assets.

At the same time, ratepayers, citizens, and businesses within the communities have increased expectations for the level of services received, despite the fact many 

reject the increases to taxes required in order to pay for the higher levels of service.

Asset management provides communities with the opportunity to do more with less, by providing a structured way of tracking performance, costs and risks to meet service objectives in the most efficient and effective manner.

*Extract from the Canadian Network of Asset Managers’ (CNAM) AM101 Booklet which was developed by icInfrastructure.

What we do

We are here to help you with your infrastructure asset management challenges.

As our team and reach continues to grow, we are excited to provide remote and virtual support to clients around the world!
We love helping organizations get started in their AM journeys. Through training, gap assessments and roadmaps; we have experience helping communities (municipalities, local government and other public infrastructure owners) with their infrastructure planning and decision making efforts.
We passionately believe organizations need to build their own internal AM competencies and do our best to promote sustainability in line with the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals. 

Let's chat about where you currently are in your AM journey and how we can help!

Infrastructure Management

What is Infrastructure Asset Management?

“Asset Management is a coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets. Asset Management involves the balancing of costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of assets, to achieve the organizational objectives.”

- ISO 55000

What does that mean? How can it affect your organization? Developing a formal approach to asset management in your organization will help you better meet your organization’s objectives whilst empowering you to better manage your service, costs, and risks.

HOW we do it

Our Approach

We like to work collaboratively with our clients to help you through your asset management challenges. Together we can accomplish great things.

Knowledge Transfer
We will show you and your staff how things are done, putting you in a position to continue sustainably. We want you to succeed by yourself.

We know that every organization is different and has their own unique qualities. We will develop cost effective solutions that are appropriate for your organization.

Our Services

We want to support you with your business improvement efforts


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icInfrastructure are the Program Delivery Team behind the Canadian Network of Asset Managers’ (CNAM)
New to AM” program

icInfrastructure is recognized internationally as an expert in asset management and represents Canada on the ISO55000 TC251 Committee.

Carbon Positive

We are committed to making sustainable decisions today so that we can thrive long into the future. You can too!

Our Impact

To date, we've reduced 247 certified tonnes of CO2 with climate projects in Chile and Bulgaria.

Total Trees Funded

We've planted 1728 trees, and counting! The trees are located in the North West of Madagascar.