icInfrastructure provides consulting, contracting, and training to public and private sector infrastructure clients supporting them with their infrastructure asset management and business improvement efforts. 

We have worked with organizations across the country and internationally at various stages of their AM journeys. From comprehensive AM gap analysis covering business and data systems, to training programs and supporting cultural change in the organization, to implementing the full breadth of AM initiatives. icInfrastructure are leaders in AM training and helping organizations to build their own AM capacity and skills. 

icInfrastructure also has experience working directly with senior levels of government and agencies to advance their awareness building activities and strategic direction with infrastructure owners they support.

We have a wealth of experience supporting the strategic side of infrastructure asset management, developing appropriate Policies and Strategies, building ISO55000 compliant asset management systems, developing Asset Management Plans (AMP) and Strategic Asset Management Plans (SAMP). We also boast business process experience, improving elements of the business system from level of service to capital planning, and most importantly how everything fits together. 

Our small boutique firm has experience with several high-profile AM projects and is recognized as an industry leader and a great aide in helping organizations progress their asset management efforts.

  • The Canadian Network of Asset Managers’ (CNAM) “New to AM” program was designed, developed, and delivered by icInfrastructure including a 1-day AM Training workshop, and writing and publishing CNAM’s renowned AM101 Booklet. 
  • icInfrastructure led the development of CNAM’s “Asset Management Competency Framework for Canadian Communities”, helping organizations build their workforce capacity and capabilities. They understand exactly what skills infrastructure owners need in order to be successful.
  • To date, the icInfrastructure team and Iain Cranston have trained well over 1,500 people in Asset Management concepts worldwide, a number that grows every month!
  • icInfrastructure is recognized internationally as an expert in asset management and represents Canada on the ISO55000 TC251 Committee. Through this committee, we have been involved in the development of ISO55011, providing guidance for public policy makers on progress asset management practice.

Working with us

Global and Virtual

The icInfrastructure team can work remotely in a fully virtual environment to support clients around the world.

Remote and virtual working is something the team have been practicing for years and we have refined great ways of working. We are expert users in a number of online communication and collaboration platforms.

There is no additional cost to our clients utilizing our remote and virtual working platforms.

How we work

Our team is based in Western Canada but are both no stranger to oddly timed meetings to accommodate time zones, nor airports and long drives to work with clients in person.

Some days you’ll find us taking virtual conference calls with you from our office in Kelowna, BC. Other days you’ll meet us working from home at our dining room tables. Now more than ever, we are supportive of flexible working both with our team and our clients.

Working at your offices

The icInfrastructure team are no stranger to airports and travel, and we are available to support clients across Canada in all provinces, the United States, Europe and other geographies.

Of course the Covid-19 pandemic has brought some challenges, and the safety of our team and your team remains paramount.

In these strange times let’s talk to work out what would be most appropriate for your project.

Sustainability... but what does that actually mean?

For us, “sustainability” means sustainable in every sense of the world…are the decisions we make today going to mean we can thrive long into the future?
And it’s important this captures not just the environmental side, but also economic and social-cultural sides of life. We’ve found the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (UN-SDGs) set the best stage for this.

The connections between the UN-SDGs and infrastructure decisions cannot be understated. And this is reinforced by the ISO 5500 Asset Management standard.

“Good Asset Management is a key enabler for organizations seeking to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Asset Management provides clarity of purpose and the management system to ensure that good intentions are turned into practical reality. …

“Good Asset Management inherently contributes to seven of the SDG. Specifically, Asset Management improves an organization’s sustainability by effectively managing expenditures and activities to achieve both short- and long-term intended impacts, including the sustainability of operations and performance. Asset Management processes clearly demonstrate social responsibility and ethical business practice by improving the ability to reduce emissions, conserve resources and adapt to climate change. Asset Management also improves efficiency and effectiveness by reviewing and improving processes, procedures and asset performance.”

Extract from TC251’s (the technical committee behind the ISO55000 AM standard, which ic Infrastructure is involved in) paper Asset Management - "
Achieving the US Sustainability Development Goals"

We're ready to help

The icInfrastructure team is ready to help you with your asset management and business process challenges within your organization. Contact us for an initial discussions about your asset management journey and find out how we can support you.