We help organizations deliver services sustainably and efficiently through asset management awareness building and assisting in the development of an asset management system. Our approach encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing so that our clients can continue to advance their asset management practices long after we have delivered our services. We have helped communities and organizations both large and small across North America.

Feature Projects

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icInfrastructure has worked with the District of Summerland since 2019 to further the District’s asset management and service delivery efforts. The initial Asset Management Framework project helped focus the District’s work, aligning with industry best practice and the strategic direction of the organization...    Continue Reading

icInfrastructure began working with the City of Salmon Arm in 2021 to enhance the City’s asset management and service delivery efforts. This work helped formalize the efforts already underway and helped identify potential gaps in the City’s current practices. Through the efforts undertaken as parof...    Continue Reading