We understand your needs

Over the years we’ve worked with clients in lots of different ways. We are very supportive of helping organizations build their own in-house capacity, as you can see supported by our efforts in training and workforce competency development. We understand that sometimes you just need some direction and coaching on your direction and efforts.

One of the ways we’ve worked with clients is as a coach at the end of the phone - someone you can chat to about your problems and get some direct advice, review things you have drafted yourself or with your team, shaping complex Request for Proposals (RFPs) e.g. for information systems, and just generally make sure you stay on the right path.

Coaching packages start from $2,500 with the hourly rates or monthly check-in options available from a breadth of asset management expert resources and other support services.

We offer bank transfer or credit card billing. Need an alternative option? Get in touch to discuss.