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Asset Management Capability and Capacity

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Many municipal organizations are faced with the question of
“how can we build asset management capability and capacity?”

Infrastructure owners are faced with significant staffing issues when it comes to all aspects of service delivery and asset management. It’s hard enough to hire AM staff, but the ‘great resignation’ is making it challenging to retain staff too. And, to top it all off, there is an impending retirement wave that may already be taking a significant toll on your organization.

There are so many roles that play an important part in effective asset management within your organization. You have front-line staff involved in managing your physical assets, engineers and project managers who are steering your capital projects, plus the financial budgeting and urban planning efforts that take place need staff as well. 

Without proper planning and competency management, the services you deliver are at risk. Just like asset management, it is a continuous process to invest in your staff capacity.

We can help. We have experience evaluating the current state of your organization’s workforce and providing an understanding of what roles and positions are connected to your asset management efforts. We’ll help you identify asset management competency requirements for roles in various functions around your organization. Then create a plan for your competency-building efforts, including training programs and mentoring actions. We can even incorporate everything into your organization’s asset management strategy and roadmap.

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front cover of the asset management competency framework for canadian communities booklet

CNAM's AM Competency Framework for Canadian Communities, development led by icInfrastructure's team in collaboration with CNAM and other national partners.

AM Workforce Competency Development

icInfrastructure was the development lead behind the Canadian Network of Asset Managers’ Asset Management Competency Framework (AMCF) for Canadian Communities.

We can support your organization with comprehensive workforce competency development and implementation of the Competency Framework. We take you through a formal competency gap assessment, aligning any development programs to your organization’s existing competency model or vision. Then, we can fully integrate with your people management programs, setting you up for a sustainable resourcing future.

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