Customized Organizational Training

Build a Network of Asset Management
Professionals, right in your Organization

Learn, collaborate and build capacity for the asset management competencies, customized for the different roles within your organization AND with material tailored to your processes.

Dealing with infrastructure challenges without the capacity or capabilities to do so within your own workforce?

By now, most staff members within your organization have heard of “asset management”. But do they really understand what that means within the scope of their job? Are they able to apply asset management principles to their day-to-day decisions and in routine situations? Is it clear what level of proficiency and which competencies they need to develop?

To expand your asset management program and support change management within your organization, you need to move past the general awareness of AM and progress staff proficiency for the asset management competencies through the various levels of proficiency. 

But not everyone needs the same depth of training in the same areas. 

Yet most AM training programs or courses are ‘one-size-fits-all’. Which doesn’t always work for all roles. For example, a Financial Analyst preparing the budget needs to understand different elements of AM compared to a Facilities Manager.

We’ve created a library of competency-based training courses, aligned with the Canadian Network of Asset Manager’s Asset Management Competency Framework (AMCF), that guides learners through the different levels of each AM competency. And the best part? You can create a personalized training program based on an individual’s target proficiency and competency gaps. We help map out what the various roles and functions throughout your organization need when it comes to AM Competency. 

AMCF-Based Training Framework

Level 0 – Awareness Courses

  • L0: Intro to AM for Staff
  • L0: AM Awareness for Council

Level 1 – Basic Courses

  • L1: People and Leadership
  • L1: Policy and Governance
  • L1: Planning and Decision-Making
  • L1: Data and Information
  • L1: Life Cycle Delivery
  • L1: AM Practice

Level 2 – Intermediate Courses

Level 3 – Advanced Courses

Level 4 – Expert Courses

Course learning objectives target the effective behaviours that should be developed for each applicable AM competency at the appropriate level of proficiency.

A personalized training program can be developed based on individual target proficiencies and competency gaps.

Our Courses are designed with Learners Needs in mind

You'll benefit from these standard features in all our courses.

Off the shelf Training Courses

Leverage our ready-to-go content for AM Awareness and Basics to kick-start your learning journey. 

Short and Engaging Content

Adult microlearning principles have been applied to all our educational content to make it easier to digest.

Self Paced eLearning

Move through the lessons at your own pace. Anywhere and at any time. (Option to deploy on your own LMS)

Competency Based

Aligned with CNAM's Asset Management Competency Framework.

Interested in a Train-the-Trainer style program? We can equip your staff will all these tools so they can deliver our courses to their peers, within your organization. Make your competency program self-sustainable. 

Each course includes

Deploy our courses on your own Learning Management System (LMS) or choose to have us take care of those administrative and hosting tasks.



A brief intro to the topic and a goals/benchmark survey to set the baseline for the learner’s current understanding of the topic.


Multiple Content Chapters

Structured into theoretical lessons and knowledge checks that include engaging interactions, bite-sized videos and interactive activities. All designed to retain learner’s attention and support adult micro-learning.

Our existing content follows industry best practices that you can leverage with an option to add your own customized video lessons that capture your story, processes and systems.


Next Steps

The final assessment, an exit survey and additional resources/recommendations for how to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Formal learning is only a small piece of the entire learning journey.


Customize the learning experience!

If you want to take the learning experience one step further and customize educational content that uses your organization’s branding, terminology, processes and examples we can create personalized lessons to supplement the core material.

Tell your Story

Tailored content that fits your organization and captures your way of doing things. This helps to build a culture of asset management across the organization.

Learn from your Peers

Let your staff hear the how and why of asset management from their peers and managers.

Plan for the Future

Get a repeatable, recorded, and reusable product that doesn’t just train staff today, but captures knowledge that can help new recruits in the future.

Move past awareness and start improving Asset Management Capacity today!