New to Infrastructure Asset Management?

We have helped many organizations get started in their asset management efforts, some would even say it’s one of our specialties!!


icInfrastructure are the Program Delivery Team behind the Canadian Network of Asset Managers’ (CNAM)
New to AM” program, including their famous AM101 Booklet – head over to for free lots of free educational downloads!

Awareness Building and Training

  • Read Industry Leaders in Training: have provided various levels of AM training to hundreds of professionals over the last 5+ years
  • Ready-to-go AM fundamentals courses available: 1, 2 , 4, and 8 hr courses available, plus much more content
  • Ability to develop custom content: we can develop organization-specific content and train-the-trainer programs
  • Experts in cultural change management: we understand the importance of staff awareness building and infuse change management best practice into everything we do
  • Support for internal AM communications: we can help boost AM buy-in at all levels from Senior Leadership to frontline staff through improved internal communications this approach might make things easier to parse for someone giving it a quick glance.

Gap Assessments and Roadmaps

  • Where are you and where do you want to go? We will assist your organization in completing Gap Assessments and Roadmaps to help team members understand the answers to these questions and improve alignment with organizational goals
  • Gap Assessments: We have significant experience facilitating gap assessments using a variety of tools to identify opportunities to improve your current AM practices
  • Roadmaps: Using the gap assessment as a baseline, we can help develop appropriate Roadmaps with goals over the short,
    medium and long term to provide direction in building your AM program
  • Grant Funding: The tools above will be valuable for many organizations to help secure grant funding

Asset Management Policy Development

  • Your Policy: AM policies will define the principles your organization follows in shaping your AM efforts. We are experts in developing customized AM policies to suit your goals.
  • Collaborative Development: We will work with your team in developing your policy to ensure a comprehensive understanding and enhanced organizational learning.
  • Support of Senior Leadership: We will help communicate the benefits of AM best practices to senior leadership and the board/council to ensure top down alignment of goals.
  • AM Strategy: We can assist in the development of a comprehensive AM strategy in order to implement your AM Policy

Ad-hoc Support and Coaching

  • In-house development: We encourage and support organizations in developing their in-house resources to enhance
    organizational knowledge
  • Industry Best PracticeWe are experts in ISO 55000 and will ensure your organization is following the most relevant and up-to-date best practices.
  • Face to face and virtual support: Wherever you are located and whatever needs you have; we will be able to provide support in a way that works for you
  • Regular Check-insWe will never leave you hanging. We can provide check-ins and offer support throughout your AM journey with various support packages available.

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