November 3


One of the most important outcomes of asset management is sustainability. AM allows for service delivery with an efficiency that benefits both the community and the environment. As such, here at icInfrastructure we have decided to take further steps to practice what we preach. We have turned our team into a climate positive workforce with Ecologi.

icinfrastructure is a climate positive workforce

Ecologi works to offset carbon emissions created by company employees in both work and personal life. Commutes to work, electricity, and flights (in non-COVID times) are all taken into account. Even things like food, hobbies, and trips during vacation are considered in the total carbon calculation for our emissions. With Ecologi we are funding projects that help in the fight against climate change. All of our employees can consider themselves climate positive.

We like to think that collectively, our team has sustainability on the mind.

As avid bike and public transportation users, our commutes rarely involve single-occupancy vehicles. Multiple members of our team follow dairy-free and low meat diets and support local growers by visiting farmer's markets frequently. However, as residents of the Global North, much of what we spend money on has a major carbon cost associated with it. Some of these costs cannot be easily avoided. This recognition of our own personal impact is what has driven us to pursue a climate positive workforce.

As of this blog post, we have offset 247 tonnes of carbon and planted 1,728 trees. Our trees are located in Madagascar as part of a project run by Eden Reforestation Projects. You can see some of the photos of the mangrove trees and planting taking place in Madagascar below.

Photos courtesy of:

Eden Reforestation Projects

Our funding has also helped projects for producing renewable energy in Bulgaria and Chile. Next year we plan on taking even further steps in our personal lives to reduce our carbon footprint and continue to build towards a sustainable future.

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