April 6


A consistent theme that we see in both private and public asset owners is the misalignment of expectations between the amount of money invested in assets and the level of service that can be achieved from those assets. At the heart of this expectation gap is a widespread underestimation of the amount of money required to maintain assets to merely deliver the current level of service, much less to deliver improved service levels. 

The challenge for asset managers is to find the ‘sweet spot’ of maintenance investment, to sustain consistent output from their assets, at a reasonable cost. Many organizations haven’t done the analysis needed to determine their target customer levels of service and the corresponding maintenance requirements to maintain those levels of service.

Important questions an organization should be able to answer are:

1) Do we understand the levels of service our customers/ stakeholders are expecting?

2) How much money must be spent to maintain our current level of service?

3) What is our current level of spending?

4) How much of an increased investment is required to enhance our level of service?

Asset Management can help answer these questions! Not sure where to start? icInfrastructure are leaders in training and consulting for asset owners at any stage of their Asset Management journey. Reach out to see how we may be able to help you progress your AM goals.

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