State and Regional Training Programs

Build Asset Management Awareness and Understanding at Scale

We work with you to build a learning program that will educate infrastructure owners on asset management principles and concepts across your jurisdiction. Whether that means a Region, Province, or State, even Nationally.

Why Choose Us:

Get in a position where you can engagetrain, and sustain a community of hundreds – even thousands – of asset management practitioners. Understand the infrastructure challenges you face today, and establish a strong resource pool for the future.

Make better infrastructure decisions

We all know there is a massive infrastructure problem - asset management is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Promote a culture of AM through education

Continuing education helps build a culture of asset management among infrastructure owners you work with.

Do more with your time

Spend more time understanding the needs of asset owners in your organization. We'll take care of the details and facilitation.

Align with industry standards

Build competency and capacity for asset management at your organization that is aligned with ISO55000 

The Feature Highlights

  • Tailored content that fits your organization and captures your way of doing things
  • Adult microlearning principles have been applied to all our educational content to make it easier to digest
  • Combination of self-directed eLearning and live discussions with peers and industry experts

MIC Enterprise Training Platform

icInfrastructure (in collaboration with the Canadian Network of Asset Managers) worked with the Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) to build a network of Asset Management practitioners across the State, bringing the MIC's Asset Management Champion Program to life. It consisted of online training, group coaching, opportunities to grow a peer network and access to industry learning.

The pilot program saw 78 Michiganders graduate as Asset Management Champions in the summer of 2021. 87 new Champions enrolled in the program for 2022.

Customers served! 0 % Ninety-eight percent of participants feel that they can now be a successful Asset Management Champion for their organization

Read the full report on the Michigan Infrastructure Council's, Asset Management Champion Program.

Primary Objectives

Build Awareness

Train Asset Management Champions to foster a culture of AM best practices across the State of Michigan.

Develop Knowledge

Develop Asset Management Champions who understand and promote the value of asset management, aligned with the five topics in the Asset Management Readiness Scale.

Establish Community

Establish a community of Asset Management Champions to seed peer relationships and build a network of asset management leaders across the State and infrastructure silos.

What Graduated AM Champions are saying

*as featured in the Final Report

"It is important for a culture shift in all people involved in our organization for understanding who/what are assets and how it translates to level of service."

on recommending the Champion Program to someone getting started in their Asset Management journey

"As a utility owner with many assets, this program has provided me with information and tools to use in my organization to further our AM journey by building awareness with staff and elected officials, completing the AMRS, and creating an AM steering committee to create a roadmap for implementation."


"What I liked best about the AM Champion program were the personal testimonies of government officials during the class and during the small group sessions. These people talked about actual processes that worked to help them make sound financial decisions and they expressed how easy it was to communicate with their residents about the hard issues they faced and the support they received from their communities"


Each Champion Received:

  • Approximately 20 hours of asynchronous online learning modules and activities
  • Three, 90-minute facilitated discussions with peers and industry experts
  • CNAM Memberships including access to a library of webinars and seminars on various Asset Management topics
  • A community discussion forum to ask questions and network with other Champions
  • Completion certificate contributing to 25 professional development hours

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