Asset Management Competency and Your Workforce

Do you have an AM Policy?

Writing an Asset Management Policy is a critical first step in an organization's AM journey. We've designed this hands-on and collaborative course to help communities develop their own customized Infrastructure Asset Management Policy.

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Looking to build your understanding and awareness of Asset Management? We can help with that too.

Whether you are looking for an introductory general course for your team, or want custom material developed that you can deliver in house, we can help.

We can also help design and implement a more formal approach to managing AM skills in your organization through competency frameworks, training plans, and writing appropriate job descriptions for recruitment.

icInfrastructure can help

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As industry leaders in AM training, icInfrastructure can help an organization build a common understanding of AM, best practice, and the benefits to them; a critical part in supporting the change through an organization. We have several ready-to-go courses and can also develop custom content for organizations and train-the-trainer programs for help organizations to become self-sufficient. Training can be delivered for people at all levels in the organization including any front-line staff, departmental staff, management and leadership teams, as well as elected officials and board members.

Senior level of government trying to make change happen amongst your asset owners? icInfrastructure has experience working directly with senior levels of government and agencies to advance their awareness building activities and strategic direction.

AM Workforce Competency Development 

Many organizations are struggling to build the workforce capacity and capabilities required to develop and implement formal, organization-wide AM programs. It’s important for staff across your organization, not just ‘core AM staff’, to have the right competencies. 

In addition to our training services, and as the development lead behind the Canadian Network of Asset Managers’ (CNAM) AM Competency Framework for Canadian Communities (AMCF), we can also support you with more comprehensive workforce competency development in your organization. 

This can range from adopting the AM Competency Framework wholesale, to aligning it with your organization’s existing competency model, to helping you establish formal competency gap assessment and development programs at appropriate levels, to full integration with all your people management programs across the organization, setting you up for a sustainable resourcing future.

CNAM's AM Competency Framework for Canadian Communities, development led by ic Infrastructure's team in collaboration with CNAM and other national partners

Awareness Building and Training…is that all we need to do?

Training plays an important role in building competency across your workforce, and we can certainly help with that. But there is so much more to consider if you are trying to build a quality and high performing organization.

As per the implementation section of CNAM’s AMCF, Formal learning (such as classroom or virtual training) can make up as little as 10% of what you should be doing to develop your competency, in any field or subject! 

As an organization trying to develop competencies amongst your workforce, you need to give proper consideration to two other important areas: Social learning; opportunities to interact and work with more experienced individuals and Experiential learning; opportunities to apply the theory learned in a real world setting.

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